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Dr. Matt Alexander is an East Bay Area Chiropractor.  He specializes in helping people who have difficult cases that have not responded to other treatments.

Do you live in the East Bay Area and suffer from chronic neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica, disc herniation, or whiplash? If you are, then Alexander Chiropractic located in the East Bay Area is the right place for you.  Chiropractors help people with these problems every day.

The first goal when you come in is to find out exactly what is causing your problem.  Then, a thorough examination with chiropractic x-rays, when needed, will be performed by the chiropractor.  After reviewing the findings, you will receive an explanation of the cause of your specific problem, and what your options are for taking care of it.  At this point you will be informed whether or not the problem is something a chiropractor can help with. If it is not something chiropractic can help with, you will be referred to someone in the East Bay Area that can help.


Dublin Chiropractor Dr. Matt Alexander is a well-trained Dublin Chiropractor providing excellent care.

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